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Office 365 For Members


As previously announced, Texas Wing IT is rolling out new Microsoft Office 365 accounts to all senior members in the domain.

Your new e-mail will be in the format of

Please review the instructions under "Related Documents" to access your Texas Wing Microsoft Office 365 account.


For several years, Texas Wing has maintained a Google G Suite environment that has primarily been used for wing staff-level communication and collaboration.  As cloud-based services have matured, the wing has made the decision to transition to Microsoft Office 365 in parallel with a domain migration from to, as well as make this available to the entire Texas Wing senior membership to further develop communication and collaboration within the wing.


Leveraging Microsoft Office 365 across the wing will provide much more than just email.  The Office 365 service provides several integrated applications and services that we can benefit from to provide better communication and collaboration opportunities within the wing.  This includes: Email, Calendar, Cloud-based storage, a Teaming hub, Online meetings, and more.
If you do not wish to monitor this email account then you should have the emails forwarded to an email that you do monitor. Follow these instructions to forward all email from the new address to another address. (It is strongly recommend that you don't just forward the email from this account, but start actively using the account and logging on with it, as more services than just email will be leveraged from Office 365.)


This capability is not without cost to the wing, so access is restricted to ACTIVE Senior Members in Texas Wing, including 50-year and Indefinite members.  Due to legal and cost-constraint limitations, email accounts will NOT be provided to Cadets, Cadet Sponsor, Patron, Aerospace Education Member, State Legislature, and inactive members hosted in the Texas Wing at-large unit (TX-000).  In the event a senior member becomes inactive or transfers out of Texas Wing, a term will be defined during which the account will remain active (to transfer email if desired), then be suspended, and ultimately be deleted. 
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